II Brothers

Two Men's Journey Across South America by Bicycle


This blog empowers you to join us on our cycle tour across South America. We brothers from each other’s mothers are 27 years old and have achieved honors certificates in all things impulsive, adding this trip onto a list of important life decisions made over a couple drinks. Our 12000km adventure will start at the Southern tip of Argentina in the world’s southernmost city, Ushuaia, at the beginning of September. From there we will head north with the intension of reaching some city in northern Colombia 7 months later. Despite very limited planning, we are not completely ill prepared. We have learnt enough Spanish to order wine and beer and are hoping this will be enough to keep us on the right side of trouble. Our tour will take us through some of the highlights of South America including the ice caps of Patagonia, the beautiful ancient ruins of Machu Pichu and Charles Darwin's Galapagous Islands. We will be traveling on a pensioners budget; using the kindness of locals and our willingness to hustle to see and experience as much of the beautiful South America as we can.

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